#19 An Armada Destroyed (Front)
#19 An Armada Destroyed (Front)
#19 An Armada Destroyed (Back)

An Armada Destroyed

Star Trek Master Series - Part 1

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Sonia R. Hillios

Card Text:

"My inspiration for this painting came from the episode The Best of Both Worlds, where we learn that when a Borg ship approaches, it means battle!"

Following the Borg's abduction of Captain Picard, an armada of 40 Federation starships amassed at the star system Wolf 359. Their mission was to keep the Borg from reaching the planet Earth - at any cost. But the Borg, armed with seemingly invincible weapons and military knowledge stolen from Captain Picard, proved to be unstoppable. The armada was almost completely destroyed, and the defeat of the Federation and the destruction of Earth seemed inevitable.


  • Card Art by prominent Science Fiction Artists
  • 90 Card Base Set printed on High Gloss Card Stock
  • 12 Printed "Signature" Cards featuring Artist Information
  • Set spans The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine