#33 The Wormhole (Front)
#33 The Wormhole (Front)
#33 The Wormhole (Back)

The Wormhole

Star Trek Master Series - Part 1

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Sonia R. Hillios

Card Text:

"This painting represents 'leaving the cradle' - leaving the familiar, and heading into the unknown."

Wormholes are celestial anomalies that "cut through" the fabric of normal space, acting as tunnels that can transport ships millions of miles in an instant. Normally, these flexible spacetubes fluctuate unpredictably, making it impossible to predict where a ship will end up after passing through the wormhole. The discovery of the first known stable wormhole, located near the Bajoran home system, opens up a whole new frontier of the galaxy for trade and exploration.


  • Card Art by prominent Science Fiction Artists
  • 90 Card Base Set printed on High Gloss Card Stock
  • 12 Printed "Signature" Cards featuring Artist Information
  • Set spans The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine