#80 Batwing (Front)
#80 Batwing (Front)
#80 Batwing (Back)


Star Trek Master Series - Part 1

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Card Text:

"I nicknamed his creature 'Batwing' because of his ears. His mysterious alien face made him an interesting figure to capture on canvas."

The official word on "Batwing" is that he has no name. Many creatures and races that are seen in the Star Trek universe never have the opportunity to reveal their backgrounds and personalities, and "Batwing" is one such creature. However, one never knows when an intriguing alien will resurface and become a familiar entity. Races like the Bajorans, the Borg, and even the Romulans were once mysterious unknowns.


  • Card Art by prominent Science Fiction Artists
  • 90 Card Base Set printed on High Gloss Card Stock
  • 12 Printed "Signature" Cards featuring Artist Information
  • Set spans The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine