#81 The M113 Lifeform (Front)
#81 The M113 Lifeform (Front)
#81 The M113 Lifeform (Back)

The M113 Lifeform

Star Trek Master Series - Part 1

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Card Text:

"The M113 Lifeform [sic] puts me in mind of evolution. On the one hand, it is so primitive; on the other, so knowing."

Captured in its final days of life, the M113 alien, with an affinity for salt, was the last of its kind. Haunting, lonely and fatal, the doomed shapeshifter meets its end at the hand of the man who most wants to save it, the gentile Leonard McCoy. The Man Trap is a tragic tale, in which beauty and the beast are one in the same animal.


  • Card Art by prominent Science Fiction Artists
  • 90 Card Base Set printed on High Gloss Card Stock
  • 12 Printed "Signature" Cards featuring Artist Information
  • Set spans The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine