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6/26/2022 - TNG Pre-Orders & New CCG Sets

Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives & Inscriptions

It's that time: Pre-Orders of Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives & Inscriptions are now open! You can pre-order your Sealed Hobby Box of Trading Cards today for $169.99! Each Box is guaranteed to contain four autographs from the actors and actresses of TNG, with two of the autographs being Inscriptions which contain hand written messages or quotes from the show!

This is going to be a bear of a set to fully collect, as most Rittenhouse Archives Trading Card sets have ~6 cards per pack. With each sealed hobby box having 24 cards, that's only 144 cards per box. Assuming no duplicates, you'll need to open ~8 boxes (half a case!) to complete a full set with each variation!

As always though, this is where aims to help fill the gaps in your collection by offering low cost single cards for purchase the same week as retail release!

Star Trek Trading Card Game Sets

As promised, we've been hard at work adding more and more individual Star Trek Collectible Card Game cards for purchase every week. Since our last update, in addition to First Edition Beta, we've added:

We're looking to add about two new sets available for purchase every month until we have our full inventory listed! The process is tedious as we need to inventory, scan high quality images of the cards, and add the content to the site for each individual card, which takes time. As of this post we have almost 4,000 individual trading cards/collectible card game cards loaded into our inventory system!

5/21/2022 - Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives & Inscriptions

Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives & Inscriptions

Rittenhouse Archives has just announced the release date of the upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives & Inscriptions Trading Cards as well as details of the upcoming set, with a few unexpected surprises! The current release date is set for July 27th, 2022, and while the Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Trading Cards trading card release was delayed (most likely due to the pandemic?), we have high hopes that we'll see this set drop on schedule. The latest in the "Archives & Inscriptions" sets from Rittenhouse Archives, this trading card set is the first set in over six years to feature the cast and crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). Below is all we know so far on the upcoming set:

Base Set

The Base Set of Trading Cards will consist of 60 cards containing memorable quotes from the characters featured in the seven seasons of TNG. Each Character will have at least nine, and up to eighteen different quotes featured in the base set. If it is to follow similar sets in the "Archives & Inscriptions" or "Quotable" series' from Rittenhouse Archives previously, such as The "Quotable" Star Trek: The Original Series, we should also expect to see also the scenes from where the quotes were pulled from as well. No word yet if the cards will be high gloss or matte finish, but honestly I've been really liking some of the matte sets released lately. Also as a collector, depending on the makeup of the gloss, it can cause cards to stick together over time - so I'm not a huge fan.

Encounter at Farpoint "Uncut"

This will be a 46-card subset retelling the original, two part series premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation in scene by scene detail. Sure to be featured in this subset will be the interaction between Q and Captain Picard, which has carried through to the latest Star Trek: Picard Season 2.

The Best of Both Worlds "Uncut"

Arguably one of the greatest adventures in all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this 53-card subset will feature a retelling of the two-part episode "The Best of Both Worlds" featuring Patrick Stewart as Locutus, in scene by scene detail like never before.

Villains Laser Cut Expansion

Originally Published in the 2019 Star Trek: Inflections as a 24-card subset, this latest subset will be an 18-card expansion featuring additional Villains from Star Trek: The Next Generation. These cards feature a portrait of the villain being featured with a laser cut lattice border around the card. It's a very cool design and I'm excited to see the set expanded!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Stamp Cards

This is a very intriguing set, as Rittenhouse Archives last did a "Stamps" card subset in the 2019 Star Trek Inflexions release. This set is said to have only two cards and feature only Picard and Troi, which leads me to believe that the stamps used as part of the set will be the stamps released in 2020 in the UK and Northern Ireland featuring Marina Sirtis as Troi and Patrick Stewart as Picard. Very exciting as this is the first time these stamps have been included in a Trading Card set!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Infinite Possibilities

We don't have much information on this subset, as there hasn't been another subset with a similar name or theme in a prior set. All we know at this time is that there will be 9 trading cards as part of the set! More information to come!

And now... the biggest surprise of this set...

Star Trek: Lower Decks Trading Cards!!

I'm not sure why Lower Decks isn't getting it's own dedicated Trading Card set, but we'll take what we can get! For whatever reason, Rittenhouse Archives has decided to include two subsets of Star Trek: Lower Decks trading cards in this TNG set as well. There will be a total of 44 cards across two different subsets titled "Episodes" and "Characters".

We're excited that Lower Decks is getting its first trading card publication and we'll be sure to share details as soon as we have them!

5/15/2022 - Looking for a Star Trek Trading Card Game?

Star Trek Playing Cards

The year was 1994 and Star Trek: The Next Generation was wrapping its seventh, and final season. Deep Space Nine was starting its third season and picking up steam ready to run with the mantle of the Star Trek franchise. This same year, Decipher Inc. published the first Star Trek Trading Card Game called, Star Trek: The Collectible Card Game (CCG). The initial publication was a "Limited" Black Bordered Premiere Edition in October of 1994. Shortly after was the more widely published White Bordered Premiere Edition.

The Premiere Edition of the Star Trek CCG served as the foundation for the next eight years along with over fifteen expansion sets which gave players a library of over a thousand different cards to choose from to craft their perfect deck. Second Edition was published in 2002 which altered the game mechanics and added new abilities. Second Edition was published through 2007 which included over ten expansion sets. Unfortunately due to financial issues, Decipher Inc. unofficially closed its doors shortly after the final Star Trek CCG set, "What You Leave Behind", was published.

All that said, is bringing it all back to you! In addition to our library of previously published Star Trek Trading Cards, we're excited to bring you the Star Trek Trading Card Game from Decipher, Inc! In the coming months we'll be listing THOUSANDS of cards from the Star Trek Collectible Card Game for purchase on our website so you can relive the glory days of playing the Star Trek CCG with your friends and building that perfect deck.

We'll be alternating between loading into our inventory system sets from both the First and Second edition of the Star Trek Collectible Card Game from Decipher Inc. The two base sets alone include close to 1,000 individual cards! Loading cards into the system takes a little time as we manually scan and process each card image for the website so we have the highest quality versions for everyone to see.

Head on over and check out our initial listing of the Star Trek: The Collectible Card Game Premiere Edition (White Border, Beta) and be sure to check in on our listing of all the Collectible Card Game Sets we have listed on the website over the coming weeks as we continue to load more cards in!

3/9/2022 - New Star Trek Trading Cards!

Release Day is upon us! After a brief delay, the latest set of Star Trek Trading Cards from Rittenhouse Archives was released on 3/9:

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Renewal

Yes, Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Trading Cards are now in stock and ready to ship! We have been streaming Live Breaks of this set on the TrekCardHQ Twitch Channel as well as other streaming platforms! It's a really exciting set and not only expands on existing subsets Star Trek Discovery Trading Cards that are already published, but also adds some very exciting new cards specific to Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery. Today we've listed Factory Sealed Boxes with Single trading cards coming soon!

Expanding upon our Star Trek: Voyager - Heros and Villains drop in January, we've now listed single trading cards for purchase including a limited number of Autographs from this out-of-print set by Rittenhouse Archives!

Also throughout the month we'll be adding full Sets available for purchase as well! Now in addition to buying individual Trading Cards, you will be able to buy full sets of base cards, chase subsets, and more from the numerous Star Trek Trading Card sets we have available for purchase here on TrekCardHQ! Did you miss out on being able to buy a factory sealed box of The Women of Star Trek: Art & Images? No Problem! Purchase a complete set of the 72 Trading Cards at a discount over the individual card prices! Same goes for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2!

Be sure to check back frequently and follow our @TrekCardHQ on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest products and additions to!